Steven Hall

Over ten years experience
in front-end development. is the new digital face of The Beano – the nation's favourite comic since its first appearance in 1938.  Featuring a mix of original and curated third-party content, the site is aimed at the 7–11 year old YouTube generation.  Working amongst a dream-team of highly experienced designers and developers, my task was to help develop the site from a rough prototype to a highly polished website prior to a grand unveiling in front of the nation's media.  The result is a bonkers, funny, highly colourful and visually charged website which should hopefully propel this great british brand into the digital age and have kids talking about Beano again.

A keen eye for design with
a clear understanding of UX.


Kindeo is an easy-to-use iPad app that helps you record stories and memories onto video.  Opting for a hybrid approach for maximum portability, I was quickly able to establish a solid foundation using React, Fluxible and Webpack – allowing us to build features in record time without accruing technical debt.  Working within a lean, agile team, I was very much hands-on in pinning down project requirements and helping to shape the product – working directly with the product owners to explain key considerations and pain points.  The result is an app which, due to its responsiveness and silky-smooth transitions, feels every bit like a native app.

Kindeo on the App Store

An expert problem-solver
and avid brainstormer.

Google Consumer Barometer

Google Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world.  Working with data from surveys around the world, the challenge was clear: How to present some really big data in a clear, informative, interesting way.  Working within a small, agile team through an extensive design and discovery phase, the result is a tool which successfully masks its immense complexity behind a beautifully simple, yet powerful user interface.  My main responsibility was to develop that interface, which is fully responsive – taking some occasionally very rough middleware and honing it into a great user experience.

Consumer Barometer

A lean, agile approach
for quick, testable results.

Google Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks is a static site promoting Google’s range of Chromebook computers.  Working side-by-side with a designer, we set about creating a number of prototypes for user testing – which I also helped conduct and analyse.  Given the target audience, many of the earlier, more radical designs caused some major usability concerns – and so the design was pared back to a simple, yet striking layout.  The site is fully responsive and localised into numerous languages at compile-time using JSON data.  The project was hosted on Google App Engine, which allowed for simple A/B testing and a blue-green deployment process.

A master craftsman of
clean, maintainable code.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus is the main retail site for Google’s range of phones and tablets.  Joining a small team of developers, the requirement was to turn the site around in record time to tie in with the release of the latest handset.  As this was a major international google retail site, we had to meet a lot of strict conditions and work with some interesting, proprietary tools to get the site published and localised.  Nevertheless, we were able to collectively deal with issues, working around problems as they arose to deliver the project on time.

A real team-player and
all-round nice guy ;-)

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Since 2000, I’ve worked on a huge variety of projects for a diverse range of clients, from the smallest startups to the biggest multinationals.  As an accomplished developer, I enjoy the thrill of the chase – facing problems head-on and quickly learning new skills and techniques to overcome the trickiest of situations.  I work quickly, but also take huge pride in the code I create – leaving it in the best possible state for future development.  I also bring with me a keen eye for design and a clear understanding of UX.  A willing and valued contributor to any design workshop or brainstorm, I’m also a great guy to have around the office.  Try me.

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