Steven Hall

Leading Frontend Development with an emphasis on quality and speed to market.

I help organisations large and small push new products to market in record time, creating experiences which users love while laying solid foundations for future development.
I also help to unblock development teams by reworking existing products.

TV Livestream App

A person making a video call

A video chat app for iOS featuring a variety of single and multi-user modes, with videos able to be broadcast live on TV or recorded for later use. An accompanying web app allows the configuration and moderation of live chat rooms, review and handling of recorded sessions and basic user admin.

Both the iOS app and the accompanying web app were built simultaneously by myself using React, React Native, Twilio Video and Firebase analytics, authorisation, cloud functions, realtime data and storage in around twelve weeks, including some significant changes to functionality along the way.

A master craftsman of
clean, maintainable code.

I take great pride in my work, using the right tools and techniques to quickly and skilfully create the best quality products. The result is an easy-to-follow, adaptable, maintainable and well-documented codebase – an intuitive launchpad for fellow developers.

3D Collectibles App

An example 3D scene

A rich-immersive prototype for iOS combining a navigable 3D scene supported by a collectibles storefront, with storytelling through conventional UI, interactive video and augmented reality. Built using React Native, React Navigation, ThreeJS and Reality Composer in around six weeks.

Another prototype explored how these collectibles could be created through machine learning, using a model inspired by DNA. This included a web app where collectibles could be generated, manipulated in 3D, adjusted and scored. Built with React, Material UI and ThreeJS in four weeks.

A keen eye for design
and creating the best UX.

I started my career as a designer, so I bring products to life with the care and attention they deserve. Always striving for the best user experience, I seamlessly fill in gaps and add details which really improve on the overall quality and finesse of the finished product.

Reworking Products

Healthcare Recruitment App Screenshot

Technical debt, left unchallenged, can slowly grind a project to a halt. By taking a pragmatic approach, I’ve been able to rework a number of products now, successfully rearchitecting years worth of work in just a few months by creating elegantly simple toolkits of components and logic.

In this instance, I also created a new design system in Figma – starting with the basics like colour and typography and working up a few layouts, before rapidly building the new app in React Native. Once handed over, the result was a real breath of fresh air for users and the development team.

Healthcare Recruitment App

A truly creative thinker
and expert problem solver.

The most successful products I’ve worked on have taken a team-wide, collaborative and iterative approach to fleshing out new product features. A willing and valued contributor to any workshop or client meeting, I often hit on elegant solutions which others might miss.

Local Opportunity Finder

Local Opportunity Finder Screenshot

Google’s Local Opportunity Finder is a campaign encouraging businesses to list or enhance their business profile listing on Google and Google Maps by giving personalised suggestions based on their existing profile and business sector, all localised for several markets. Built with React and GSAP.

A previous version of the site was a far more rich, immersive experience for the US market only – allowing business owners to see, to the nearest zipcode, where and when local users were searching for businesses like theirs – hooking into some really big data. Built with Polymer and GSAP.

Local Opportunity Finder

Self-motivated with
superb time management.

I like to keep busy, always pushing a product forward with one eye firmly on deliverables. I won’t obsess or get bogged down, instead taking a common sense, iterative approach to ensure features remain shippable to the highest standard, within an agreed timeframe.

Black Owned Friday

Black Owned Friday Screenshot

Coinciding with Black Friday, Google’s Black Owned Friday campaign aims to shift the narrative towards black-owned businesses with this shoppable video experience, featuring over 100 products in this original music video by T-Pain and Normani. Built with React, YouTube and GSAP.

Black Owned Friday

A real team-player
and all-round nice guy ;-)

Whatever your way of working, I’m flexible enough to fit right in. I’ll offer helpful suggestions where appropriate, but I’m not overbearing with my opinions. Happy to help in any situation, I’m also just a great guy to have on board. Why not get in touch?

And more...

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I’ve been on such an incredible journey throughout my career, using all kinds of tools, technologies and techniques, spanning all sorts of use-cases and sectors – I simply can’t share it all here. If you have a specific requirement and would like some more relevant examples, please get in touch.

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