Steven Hall

Senior Frontend Developer

Since 2000 I’ve worked on a huge variety of projects for a diverse range of clients, from the smallest startups to the largest multinationals. My recent work for Google is some of the best in my career, yet I’m always keen to improve and take on new challenges.

This site features just a few noteworthy projects from recent years.
If you'd like a copy of my full CV, please get in touch.


Google Screenshot
  • Polymer
  • Web Components
  • CSS Variables

My fourth major project for Google, this was probably the highlight of my career to date. Coming soon to a browser near you, there is unfortunately not much else I can divulge publicly until the site launches. I can discuss my general approach in person, though.

Coming soon!

A master craftsman of clean, maintainable code

Like any craftsman I take huge pride in my work, using the right tools for the job and working quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest possible standards. The result is an easy to follow, well documented, adaptable and maintainable codebase.


Facebook Screenshot
  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • Sass

A whole suite of sites developed for Facebook within a seemingly impossible time frame, the largest of which was a pair of sites to teach digital skills to startups and individuals in India. All multilingual and CMS-based, with many more markets being rolled out soon.

A keen eye for design with a clear understanding of UX

I started out briefly as a designer, so I understand the basics of design and bring layouts to life with the care and attention they deserve. I can fill in any gaps and add small details which really improve the finesse and quality of the overall product and user experience.


Pipey Screenshot
  • Chrome Extension
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

From the hit TV series Silicon Valley, Pipey is the digital assistant nobody wants or needs. Brought to life as a Chrome Extension, Pipey sits in your browser communicating with a chatbot engine to make hilarious yet unhelpful remarks about the websites you visit.

Get the Pipey Chrome Extension

An expert problem solver and avid brainstormer

The most successful projects I've worked on have taken a collaborative, agile approach to fleshing out product features. A willing and valued contributor to any design workshop, brainstorm or client meeting, I often hit on elegant solutions which others might miss.


Beano Screenshot
  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • CSS Modules

As the classic kids' cartoon struggled to maintain relevance in this digital age, a drastic solution was needed. The result is a BuzzFeed style safe haven for kids to safely enjoy the best the Internet has to offer, alongside original content featuring Beano characters.

Beano Website

Self-motivated with remarkable time management

I've been in this game long enough to have a fair idea how long things take. With one eye always on the bigger picture I won't obsess or get bogged down, instead taking an iterative approach to ensure features remain shippable within an agreed time frame.


Google Screenshot
  • Angular
  • Foundation
  • Less
  • Gulp

Google Consumer Barometer is a tool to help understand how people use the Internet around the world. A real 'big data' project, the UI does a great job of hiding the almost endless complexity of the underlying data, particularly within the graph builder section.

Google Consumer Barometer

A real team-player and all-round nice guy ;-)

Whatever your way of working, I'm flexible enough to fit the mould. I'll offer helpful suggestions where appropriate, but I'm not overbearing with my opinions. Always keen to help in any situation, I'm also just a great guy to have around the office. Try me!

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